Wargirl har ordet

We bought crap tickets to Berlin and Stockholm in December 2017 because Lab259, our Swedish label at the time said we should.
Leaving California for Europe in December is a horrible idea.

We got through two weeks of walking around in snow and then we flew home and got stuck on the tarmac at LAX for an hour after a 30 hour flight consisting of several painful layovers. Everyone got sick but the gigs were great. We were one of the last bands to play Club Bassie in Berlin. We found that out later. Domenic reciting poetry there between bands is what stuck with me. He was the most glorious kind of cliche. I recorded some of it so I could listen when life loses it’s darker edges and California makes us complacent. Shortly after this we decided to make a record in Costa Rica. We had our reasons, it seemed important at the time.

Costa Rica is a place dominated by nature. It seldom feels like a bad idea to go there. Our bass player Tammy got a light case of Dengue Fever verified by a blood test from her doctor. She also got to play motorcycle soccer on a beach front soccer field, which easily makes a light case of dengue fever with bouts of dementia, seem like a fair trade. Making music overlooking central pacific tropical storms and loosing solid song takes to lightning induced electrical failures is something beautiful. You give perfect takes to the lightning. And maybe the lightning gives you a better take in return.

Some of us were reading books about the ocean. Some of us were reading self help books. None of us really needed help. Now we are in Germany. Hamburg and Berlin. We love these places. There is an energy here that we do not usually experience being from California, but we have romanticized this energy since we were old enough to recognize the creative power a physical location can hold. These cities are our polarity is some ways…but I suppose the people are more or less the same, they just dress it up differently. Within sub-cultural contexts everyone loves the same music and movies, if they don’t they are just being contrarian.

The things that bring us together are the universal ideas of what is right, what is just, what is cool, what is sexy, and it all moves like a tide swishing back and forth across continents, but come in close and I’ll tell you a secret that can save us all, everyone loves a good espresso and a nice pastry.