The Shanks listar videos

The Shanks, med rötter i Mono Township, Ontario är ett kanadensiskt rockband bestående av
songwriter/vocalist/bassist Ian Donald Starkey (St. Pistolwhip von Shankenstein), med sin medmusikant och trummis John David Brumell (Colonel Crankshaft).
Dessa grabbar har skapat magnifik ”gritty alternative punk rock” sedan 2010. Det kommande albumet producerat av Nicke Andersson (Entombed, Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric) planeras släppas i oktober 2016.

När nu The Shanks släpper en hett efterlängtad EP passade Drefvet på att be bandet lista de fem bästa respektive
fem sämsta videos som någonsin skapats.

Vi börjar med de sämsta:


1. Jan TerriLosing You
”Out of tune vocals, bad hair and unfortunate fashion choices… it all here. Gut-wrenching.”

2. Kanye WestBound 2 (Explicit)
”Bam! Bam! Incoherent again.”

3. Bowie and JaggerDancing in the Streets
”This whole thing just should have never happened. The dancing, the clothes. Wrong on many levels.”

4. Billy SquierRock Me Tonight
”He had two platinum records, the song was a huge single… Then the video came out and career was over due to all the dumb antics in the video. Word to the wise.”

5. Billy OceanLoverboy
”A tremendous waste of money, the SFX crystalline entity and the undersea creatures do nothing to enhance the love of Billy.”


1. PrimusWynonna’s Big Brown Beaver
”Love this for it’s demented lunacy, the looks on the cowboy’s faces say it all. Strong Midwestern DEVO vibe.”

2. Red FangWires
”They destroy it all in the end but they always brake for the Pabst Blue Ribbon. No crimes against beer committted
here. It also reminds us of our video for TENDERIZER because they destroy an organ.”

3. RadioheadParanoid Android
”The ultimate psycho-cartoon – watch it 20 times, you’ll never figure out what it is really all about.”

4. ToolSober
”The expressionism of the stop motion claymation digs deep into heart of addiction, terrifying puppetry.”

5. EelsNovocaine for the Soul
”Another levitation video, thefloating feeling goes so well with this euphoric track. So many beautiful textures in the brick of the b/w alley way shots. Love the Eels.”


The Shanks – Do You Fear Me?