Carnival Youth har ordet

Idag släpper den lettiska indieraketen Carnival Youth sitt nya album ‘Propeller’, och vi har fått ett brev från grabbarna on the road. Europaturnén täcker 10 länder, 21 spelningar och ett album med 11 spår fyllda av energisk indierock och textburna melodier.
Till Sverige kommer bandet i september. Här är deras hälsning till Drefvet och Drefvets läsare!

“So, here we are , on the road again. Six guys in a van driving through Europe, having really good times. It has been a week now, so far so good.
In Poland we agreed that one of the most beautiful trees are chestnuts, we saw peacocks, mountains, fountains. Czech Republic amazed us by it’s beauty and gulash. The shows have been great and a lot of fun.
Three more weeks ahead.
On the road we are watching movies, reading books, sleeping, making music, editing videos. Yesterday, after the show, we watched the new Game Of Thrones episode, it was insane. We also love movies, our favourite directors are Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Alejandro Inarritu and a lot of others.
At the evenings, if we are not partying, we like to play board games. Actually, we are going through some kind of a board game period, and it’s awesome. Once a week we get together and play something. Our top here – StoneAge, Katana, Carcassone, Saboteur.
By the way, we have a new album “PROPELLER”. It can make you fly, blow you far away, and start your engine. Worked on it with no rush. From the first sketches till the final result it took raughly two years. We wrote it on creative camps, went somewhere to Latvia’s countryside, lived there for a while and played music.
And then recorded it in a small, cozy studio in Vilnius. carnivalyouth
Inspirations are all around us, we just have to recognize them, absorb and let them out through our prism . Realationships with people, nature, space, literature. If we’re talking about our latest release, it was George Orwell (1984) and Haruki Murakami (1Q84). Also Marc Johns, an american artist and astrophysicist Carl Sagan and his followers.
And a lot of other great, great people.
The new album is avalable in vinyl, and we are very happy about it. Nowadays, when everything is such a rush, it is hard to stop for a moment. But vinyl is a way to do it.
Put on a record, pay your attention to it, relax and enjoy.

Making music is our way of trying to understand this mysterious world, what it means to be human. We started off playing in a rehearsal room some silly stuff, but after a while we realized that it is the best thing ever.
We are really looking forward to this autumn, when we will explore new places (Sweden for instance!), play music, meet new people. Our goals are simple, to stay true to ourselves, enjoy this colorful life as it is and stay young forever.” – Carnival Youth


Carnival Youth – Propeller